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Registration of intellectual property in Georgia is authorized by the National Intellectual Property Center Sakpatenti. To ensure the legal protection of a trademark, the law firm Rokhvadze and Partners can use two strategies: filing an international application with an extension to Georgia or applying directly to the national authority.


The process of registering a trademark in Georgia includes a number of features that give this process a unique character.

I. It is possible to register both verbal and figurative, as well as combined trademarks.
II. The trademark holder can be both a natural and a legal person.
III. Exclusive rights to a trademark for foreign citizens and companies can only be obtained through a patent attorney accredited by the National Intellectual Property Center.
IV. Registration of a trademark is possible directly in several classes of the Nice Classification, which expands the scope of its use.
V. Interaction with the authority is carried out exclusively in the Georgian language.


The formal examination of the application takes two months from the date of its submission. After successful completion of the formal examination stage, the substantive examination takes up to six months. In the absence of objections or remarks, a decision on registration or absolute refusal is made within the specified period. After completion of the substantive examination, the application and relevant materials are published in the official bulletin within one month.
A primary inspection is carried out three months after the publication.

The final decision on the formal registration of the trademark is made within three months after successful completion of the inspection and payment of the registration fee.


The registration of a trademark is valid for 10 years with the possibility of extension for an additional 10 years. This period can be extended upon timely payment of the renewal fee prescribed for extending the validity period of the trademark. Thus, the owner is provided with the opportunity to continue enjoying exclusive rights to the trademark by adhering to the established procedures and paying the corresponding fee.


The total expenses for registering a trademark in one class, excluding priority and preliminary search, amount to 840 USD (standard procedure - registration within 12 months), plus 600 USD for each additional class.
The total expenses for expedited procedure (registration within 1 month) amount to 1680 USD in one class, plus 600 USD for each additional class.

The cost of a preliminary/availability search for a trademark in one class is 60 USD, and for each additional class, it's 20 USD. The completion time is from 2 to 5 working days.

Standard Registration 

all included

1 year

3000 €

Smart Registration

all included

1 month

3700 €


You need to provide us with a signed (and stamped) power of attorney (please use the attached form in Georgian and English languages). Legalization or apostille is not required. The power of attorney must be submitted in original to the Georgian Patent Office within the first month after filing the application.
Please provide information about the goods and services, as well as an image of the trademark (with a resolution of at least 600x600 pixels in jpg format).


Accounting support

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Georgian companies have
unique advantages.

  • Loyal tax rates

  • 6th place in the Doing Business ranking

    No problems with European and American counterparties.

    Open access to the state register of legal and non-legal entities.

    Low tax rates, as well as the possibility of reinvesting profits in case of absence of dividend distribution among founders.

    Exemption from VAT.

    Convenient work with the Tax Service: the possibility of postponing tax payments
    for a certain period, conducting electronic work.

    Loyal attitude of foreign banks towards Georgian companies.

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Open registers

    All statutory documentation is stored electronically.

    In Georgia, as in EU countries, an electronic apostille is in force.

    Georgian corporate law underwent the reception of Austrian and German civil law. The best practices of these countries were adopted.

    In Georgia, international accounting standards apply
    for both small and large enterprises (IFRS for SMEs).

    Business support by international audit companies such as BDO, Nexia International, Grand Thornton, KPMG.

    In Georgia, the European Business Association operates, which is actively involved in the development of corporate, tax, and economic bases for foreign business.


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